You may recall a little ways back we shared about searching for the ideal travel headphones. These headphones needed to be comfortable for long haul flights and also block out sound from the aircraft and fellow passengers.

Well, I think we may have found them.

Although not a huge fan of active noise canceling headphones (remember my petite diatribe against them on Apartment Therapy Tech?) these headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 15s, have changed my mind and are a huge hit with the entire Tech Bird team.

Gone were the nasty sensations of someone blowing and scraping the inside of my ear that accompanied all of the previous generations of active noise canceling headphones I had tried. Sure, having them on without any sound coming through is not the most pleasant but really, when is one ever going to have their headphones on without listening to something? The QC 15s sound fantastic and they do a solid job of blocking out those crying babies and snoring passengers.

While they do take up more precious space in my carry on bag than a pair of earbuds, they are indispensable on long flights. I can't return to passive noise canceling headphones and am so glad that I discovered these before my flight to Australia.


Effectively block out most environmental noise

Great sound quality

Comfortable to wear even for long durations


Large, so they take up quite a bit of precious space in the carry-on

In black and grey the design is a bit boring and they are difficult to find in dimly lit cabins

Final Thoughts

Pros far outweigh the cons and these headphones are really best in class when it comes to noise cancelling. Before settling for sub-par try these first and you'll see why they are the choice vastly preferred by fellow passengers. 

Product: Bose QuietComfort 15
Rating: Yes, Please!
Price: $299

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